Estimation of Calcium by Permanganometry Calculator

Permanganometric Titration method is for the determination of the total calcium content of feeding stuff. Here is the online estimation of calcium by permanganometry calculator to estimate the calcium by permanganometric titration, where calcium is precipitated as calcium-oxalate using ammonium oxalate in acidic medium. Enter the volume & normality of KMno4 and the sample weight in this permanganometric titration calculator, the tool will display you the percentage of calcium.

Estimation of Calcium - Permanganometric Titration

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Percentage of Calcium = ( Volume of KMnO4 x Normality of KMnO4 x 250 x 100 x 20) / (Sample Weight x 25 x 1000) Where, KMnO4 = Potassium Permanganate


Calculate the percentage of calcium in the food based on the volume & normality of KMnO4 of 50 and 0.25N, whereas its sample weight be 30.


Percentage of Calcium = ( 50 x 0.25 x 250 x 100 x 20 / 30 x 25 x 1000)
= 8.3333

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