Stock Profit Calculator

Share Market Profit Calculator is a tool to measure the total profit or loss obtained on your financial transaction. Stock profit refers to the profit incurred when the selling price is more than the broker's commission and purchased price. It is important to consider the stock broker commission each time while buying and selling the stocks, because the selling stock should always be profitable. Find the net profit, sell price and buy price using this online Stock Profit calculator.

Share Market Profit Calculator

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Net Buying Price = ( Buying Price × Number of Shares ) + Buying Commission Net Selling Price = ( Selling Price × Number of Shares ) - Selling Commission Net Profit = ( ( Selling Price × Number of Shares ) - Selling Commission ) - ( ( Buying Price × Number of Shares ) + Buying Commission)


The following data relates to a small trading company. Compute the Stock profit of the company.
Number of Shares = 100, Selling Commission = 1$, Buying Commission = 1$, Selling Price = 2800$, Buying Price = 2500$.

Net Buying Price

= (2500×100)+1
= 250001$

Net Selling Price

= 2800×100-1
= 279999$

Net Profit

= 279999-250001
= 29998$

The manual calculation is bit confusing because of broker commission. To make it easier, this online stock profit calculator will help you to determine how much profit will occur in share market stock transactions.

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