Creditor Days Calculation

In business, Creditor Days refers to the total number of days taken by the creditor to return his/her bills. It refers to the total number of days a company takes to pay its debts with the trade suppliers. It is similar to debtors day calculation. Use this online Accounts Payable Days Calculator to know the equivalent number of days needed to credit for the bill. The Creditor Days Calculation can be done by knowing the payable trade and the cost of sales.

Accounts Payable Days Calculator

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Creditor Days = ( Trade Creditors or Payables / Cost of Sales ) × 365

Creditor days calculation helps to better understand whether the business is taking full advantage of the trade credit available to it.


Find the Creditor days if the Payables for the business is 50 $ and the cost of sales is 10 $ ?
= (50 / 10) x 365
= 1825 days

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