Cost Per Action (Acquisition) Calculator

CPA and CPM both are online advertising pricing model. CPA stands for Cost per acquisition, also known as pay per acquisition (PPA) and cost per conversion. In CPA pricing model, the advertiser pays for each specified acquisition. Where CPM stands for Cost per thousand impressions, here the advertiser pays for 1,000 advertisement impressions on one web page. Calculate CPA from Cost per thousand impressions (CPM) using Cost per action (acquisition) calculator.

Calculate CPA from Cost Per Thousand Impression (CPM)

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CPA = (CPM / 1000) / ((CTR / 100) x (Conversion Rate / 100)) Where, CPA = Cost Per Acquisition CPM = Cost per Thousand Impressions CTR = Click Through Rate


Find the Cost per Action for an Ad advertised in Google display network with Click Through Rate of 50 %, Conversion rate of 29 % and CPM of 100 $.

Cost Per Acquisition

= (100 /1000) / ((50/100) x (29/100))
= 0.69 $

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