Fuel Cost Calculator India

Fuel is a material which stores potential energy and it is used as heat energy or other forms. Fuel is used in vehicles, power stations and engines etc. Fuel efficiency differs from one vehicle to another vehicle. Cars are the major one in which fuel expense is very high in India. In order to reduce high expenses on fuel you can use high efficiency engine and public transport. This online fuel cost calculator is used to estimate the trip cost travel between one place to another in India.

Trip Cost Calculator

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Total Cost = ( ( Distance (km) / Milage (km/ltr) ) * Cost of fuel )


When the trip is from Chennai To Bangalore at a distance of 349 km using a vehicle (TVS Apache) which gives 50 km/lit at a cost of 61 fuel/lit. What will be total trip cost?

Total Cost = ( ( ( Distance (km) / Milage (km/ltr) ) * Cost of fuel )
= ( ( 349 / 50 ) * 61 )
=₹ 425.78

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