Square Calculator

A simple online Square calculator to calculate area, perimeter, diagonal of a square using the length of its side. A Square is a two dimensional object and a four sided regular polygon with all sides equal and positioned at right angles. The angle between the adjacent sides are 90 degrees ie, all the angles are 90 degrees. Enter the value of length in the input field and hit calculate to know the values of area, perimeter and diagonal of a square.

Calculate Area, Perimeter, Diagonal of a Square

squareArea of square [(side)²]

squarePerimeter of square:[4(side) ]

squareDiagonal of square:[(side)(sqrt(2)) ]

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A square can be defined as a parallelogram with equal diagonals that bisect the angles. It is a highly symmetric object. You can dynamically calculate the area of square, perimeter and diagonal of square using square calculator.

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