Perimeter of Rhombus Using Diagonals Calculator

Perimeter is a path which surrounds a two dimensional shape. It is used for measuring the path or its length. The perimeter of a circle is called its circumference. Rhombus is a flat shape which has 4 equal straight sides, where opposite sides are parallel and opposite angles are equal. To find the Perimeter of Rhombus just square, add and find the square root of two diagonals a and b and then multiply it with 2.

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p = 2 x √(a2+b2) Where, p = Perimeter of Rhombus a = Diagonal1 b = Diagonal2


The perimeter of rhombus when the diagonals are 12 and 10 cm.

= 2 x √(102+122)
= 2 x √(100 + 144)
= 2 x √244
= 2 x 15.62
Therefore, the perimeter is = 31.241 cm.

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