Lateral Surface Area of Regular Pyramid Calculator using Base, Lateral Edge

We can find lateral surface area (LSA) for any three-dimensional geometric figure. Lateral surface area of regular pyramid is the sum of the areas of its lateral faces. It is nothing but the area of the sides, excluding the area of its base and top. It can be found by finding the surface area of the sides of the regular pyramid. Use our online calculator to find the lateral surface area of regular pyramid using base, lateral edge and number of sides.

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SL = 1/4 × n × a √ (4b2 - a2) Where, n = Number of Sides a = Side of Base b = Lateral Edge SL = Lateral Surface Area


A regular pyramid with 5 sides has a base of side 13 cm and lateral edge of 12 cm.


LSA = 1/4 × 5 × 13 × √ (4x (12)2 - 132)
= 327 cm2

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