Rectangle/Parallelogram Tutorial

Rectangle Tutorial

Rectangle Definition:

A rectangle is defined as a quadrilateral where all four of its angles are right angles. It has two pairs of parallel sides. It is a parallelogram.

Rectangle Formula :

Area of Rectangle = b×h Perimeter of Rectangle = 2(b) + 2(h)
b = breadth, h = height
Rectangle Image/Diagram
Parallelogram Image/Diagram
Rectangle/Parallelogram Example :
Case 1:

Find the area and perimeter of a rectangle for the breadth 4 and the height 3.

Step 1:

Find the area. Area = b×h = 4×3 = 12.

Step 2:

Find the perimeter. Perimeter = 2(b) + 2(h) = 2(4) + 2(3) = 8 + 6 = 14. The above example will clearly illustrates how to calculate the Area and Perimeter of a Rectangle manually.

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