Learn How to Calculate Arc Length of Circle - Tutorial

Calculate Arc Length - Definition, Formula and Example


Arc Length of a circle is distance between 2 end points of arc. Arc is the part of circumference of a circle, as shown below.

Arc Length of Circle


Arc Length of a Circle (S) = 2 x π x r (central angle / 360) Where, r - Radious of arc Θ - Centeral angle S - Arc Length π - Pi is a constant value 22/7

How will you calculate the arc length of a circle having radius 6 cm and central angle 50 degrees?


Radius of the arc (r) = 6 Central angle (Θ) = 50

To find,

Arc length of a circle.


Let us learn to calculate the value of Length of arc Substitute the values in the formula, Arc Length of a Circle (S) = 2 x π x r (Θ / 360) = 2 x (22/7) x 6 x (50 / 360) = 2 x 3.143 x 6 x 0.139 = 5.2425

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