Area of a Hexagon Calculator

A hexagon is a regular polygon with six sides and angles. Regular hexagon is composed of six equilateral triangles with six equal sides and angles. You can calculate the area of the hexagon in two ways, just by knowing the length of any one side or with the given apothem. The formula for finding the hexagon area is derived by finding the area of an equilateral triangle. Provide the side length to know the regular hexagon area using this area of a hexagon calculator.

Regular Hexagon Area Calculator

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A = 3√3 ( a2) / 2 Where, a = Side Length A = Area


Find the regular hexagon area whose side length is 5 cm.


A = 3√3 ( a2) / 2
= 3√3 (52) / 2
= 64.95 cm2

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