Dodecagon Calculator

Dodecagon is a twelve-sided polygon. Given below is the area of a dodecagon calculator to calculate 12 sided polygon. It is also called as 12-gon. All the sides and interior angles are of equal length with the measurement equal to 150 degrees and the measurement of the centre angle is equal to 360 degrees. Area of 12-gon is based on the side length (S) and hence, enter the side length in the below dodecagon calculator to calculate equivalent area of a dodecagon.

Area of a Dodecagon Calculator

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Area = 3 × S2 × (2 + √3) Where, s = Side Length


Calculate area of a dodecagon with side length of 8 cm.


Dodecagon Area = 3 ×82 × (2 + √3)
= 716.5538 cm2

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