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Arc length is defined as the length along the arc, which is the part of the circumference of a circle or any curve. Online arc length calculator to find the arc length of a circle using radius and central angle values.

Calculate Arc Length of a Circle

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Arc Length of a Circle (S) = 2 x π x r (central angle/ 360) Where, r - Radius of arc

Arcs are measured in two ways: as the measure of the central angle, or as the length of the arc itself. Arc length of a circle is the distance measured as the length. The arc length formula is used to find the length of an arc of a circle. It depends on the radius of a circle and the central angle. The length of arc is equal to radius multiplied by the central angle (in radians). Enter the values of radius and center angle in this arc length calculator to calculate the length of the arc of a circle.


Consider that the radius of the circle be 5cm and the center angle be 30 degrees. Calculate the arc length of the circle from the given values.


Radius of the circle = 5cm
Center Angle = 30 Deg

Solution :

Apply the values in the formula,
Arc Length of a Circle = 2 x π x r (central angle/ 360)
= 2 x π x 5 (30/ 360)
= 2.619 cm

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