APUSH Score Calculator

The AP U.S. History Exam is a test conducted to test the US history knowledge of the students. It is conducted for 3 hours and 15 minutes. It is of two sections and each section contains two parts. This online calculator is used to find the APUSH score you will gain based on the correct questions you have answered and your grade based on the score.

AP U.S. History Score Calculator

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APUSH Score = Objective Total + Adjusted DBQ Total + Adjusted 1st Essay Total + Adjusted 2nd Essay Total Where, DBQ = Document Based Question Objective Total = Correct x 1.125 Adjusted DBQ Total=DBQ Score x 4.5 Adjusted 1st Essay Total = 1st Essay x 2.75 Adjusted 2nd Essay Total =2nd Essay Score x 2.75

If the APUS score is between 0 to 54, you stand under grade 1, if it is between 55 to 84, you stand under Grade 2. If it is between 85 - 99, then your Grade is 3. If you have scored between 100 - 119, then you are Grade 4 and if it is between 120 - 180, then you are under Grade 5.

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