Semi Perimeter of Isosceles Triangle Calculator

Perimeter is the measure of path that surrounds any area. The word 'perimeter' comes from Greek, 'peri' means 'around' and 'meter' means 'measure'. Semi perimeter is half of the perimeter and it is denoted with letter 'S'. Calculating semi perimeter is mostly occurs for triangle. Here is an useful online Semi perimeter of isosceles triangle calculator which helps you dynamically to calculate the semi perimeter with its base length and side length of an Isosceles triangle.

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Semi perimeter of Isosceles Triangle = a + (b/2) Where, a = Length of a Side b = Base Length


An isosceles triangle with base length of 9 cm and side length of 7 cm. Find its semi peimeter.


Semi perimeter of Isosceles Triangle = 7 + (9 / 2)
= = 11.5 cm

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