Radius of Curvature Calculator

Here is the online analytical calculator to calculate radius of curvature for the given function 'f'. Curvature is an imaginary line or a curve, that completes the actual curve or any other body outline or shape. Radius of curvature is defined as the radius of a circle, that could be formed with the curvature. It equals the radius of a circular arc which matches the curve best at that point. Enter a function and the point of 'x' in this radius of curvature calculator to find the result.

Calculate Radius of Curvature

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The radius of curvature is half the distance from the centre of curvature to one of the end of circle. It can be taken as positive, if the vertex lies to the left of the center of curvature and negative, if the vertex lies to the right of the center of curvature.

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