Parametric Form of Straight Line Calculator

Parametric equation is the set of equation that defines the qualities as functions of the number of independent variables, also known as parameters. Parametric equation of straight line is the polar representation of a straight line. The parametric form is given as p = rcos(Θ - A). Use our online geometric calculator to calculate the parametric form of straight line on space (x, y and z value) based on direction cosines and point coordinates.

Calculate the Parametric Form of Straight Line on Space

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Parametric Straight Line Equation x = x1 + t cos α y = y1 + t cos β z = z1 + t cos γ Where, cos = Cosine α, β, γ = Angle x, y, z = Point Coordinates x1, y1, z1 = Point Coordinates t = Parameter


If x, x2, x3 is 1,2,3 and α, β, γ is 3,2,1 and parameter is 5, then
x = 1 + (5 x cos 3)
= 5.99.
y = 2 + (5 x cos 2)
= 6.99.
z = 3 + (5 x cos 1)
= 7.999.

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