Median of Isosceles Triangle Calculator

A triangle is said to be isosceles if it has any of the two sides equal. Median is a line, joining a vertex of an isosceles triangle to the mid point of the opposite side. Median of Isosceles triangle is same as altitude as it is drawn from vertex. The intersection of all three median is called as centroid. With two equal sides, the Euler line coincides with the axis of symmetry. Calculate median of two sides by using this median of Isosceles triangle calculator.

Calculate Median of Two Sides

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m=√(a2+2b2)/2 Where, m = median of two sides of isosceles triangle b = base length of isosceles triangle a = side length of isosceles triangle


An Isosceles triangle with base length as 12cm and side length as 9cm. Find the median of two sides of isosceles triangle.


m = √(a2+2b2)/2)
= √(92+2x122)/2)
= 9.6047 cm

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