Lateral Surface Area Of a Square Pyramid Calculator

In geometry, a square pyramid is a pyramid having a square base. The Lateral surface area (LSA) is used to find the area of the sides of a 3D geometric figure such as a pyramid. LSA is the sum of the area of its lateral faces where all the side faces are the same. Use this Lateral Surface Area Of a Square Pyramid calculator to calculate the LSA of the square pyramid with the known values of side length and height.

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Lateral Surface Area of a Square Pyramid = a √ (a2 + 4h2) Where, a = Side Length h = Height


What is the lateral surface area of a square pyramid with side length as 8 cm and height 12 cm ?


LSA=a √ (a2 + 4h2)
= 8(√82 + (4 x 122))
= 202.3858 cm2

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