Least Squares Regression Line Calculator

An online LSRL equation calculator to find the Least Squares Regression Line Equation, Slope and Y-intercept values. Enter the number of data pairs, fill the X and Y data pair co-ordinates to get the result.

LSRL Equation Calculation

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Y = LSRL Equation b = The slope of the regression line a = The intercept point of the regression line and the y axis. X̄ = Mean of x values Ȳ = Mean of y values SDx = Standard Deviation of x SDy = Standard Deviation of y r = (NΣxy - ΣxΣy) / sqrt ((NΣx2 - (Σx)2) x (NΣy)2 - (Σy)2)

In statistics, The Least Squares Regression Line is the one that has the smallest possible value for the sum of the squares of the residuals out of all the possible linear fits. In other words, least squares is a technique which is used to calculate a regression line (best fitting straight line with the given points) with the smallest value of the sum of residual squares. A linear fit matches the pattern of a set of paired data as closely as possible. LSRL method is the best way to find the 'Line of Best Fit'. This Least Squares Regression Line Calculator helps you to calculate the slope, Y-intercept and LSRL equation from the given X and Y data pair co-ordinates.

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