Two Intercept Form Tutorial

Two Intercept Form Tutorial

Two Intercept Form Definition

Two Intercept Form is used to generate the Equation of a straight line with x - intercept a and y - intercept b of the line.

Two Intercept Formula
Two Intercept
two intercept
a = x-intercept of the line, b = y-intercept of the line
Two Intercept Diagram
two intercept
Two Intercept Form Example

Determine the equation of the line with x-intercept 2 and y-intercept 3. x-intercept a = 2. y-intercept b = 3. Substitute in the formula as

two intercept
two intercept

3x + 2y = 6 Equation of the Line = 3x + 2y - 6 The above example will clearly illustrates how to calculate the Two Intercept Form manually.

This tutorial will help you dynamically to find the Analytical Geometry problems.

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