Learn How to Calculate Subwoofer Enclosure Tuning Frequency - Tutorial

Calculate Subwoofer Enclosure Tuning Frequency


Subwoofer box tuning frequency is determined by the co-ordination of air compliance, box 's volume and speaker resonance frequency.and the tuning changes the frequency at which frequency response peaks.


Fb = (A / V)0.31 x Fs
A = air complaince V = box or enclosure volume Fs = speaker resonance frequency


A subwoofer box of volume 400 m3 requires the minimum air of 100 m3. Resonance frequency of speaker is 40 hertz. Calculate the tuning frequency (Fb)?

A= 100 V= 400 Fs = 40 hertz
To Find,

Box / Enclosure Tuning Frequency (Fb)


Fb= (A / V)0.31 x Fs = (100 / 400)0.31 x 40 = 0.6507 x 40 = 26.028

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