Lambda Calculus Interpreter

Here is the online lambda calculus interpreter which interprets the lambda equation and solves it. This lambda calculator supports recursion, user-defined operators, and evaluation strategies in solving the lambda equation. The lambda calculus (λ-calculus) is one of the mathematical logics for computing, based on function abstraction, variable binding and substitution. In the below lambda calculus interpreter enter a lambda equation and submit to solve.

Lambda Calculator


Key Bindings on the Console
Enter ---> Run
Ctrl+L ---> clear the screen
Ctrl+P, Up Arrow ---> Previous Input
Ctrl+N, Down Arrow ---> Next Input
\ (backslash) ---> λ

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Lambda calculus interpreter is also termed as LCI. In the above lambda calculator, short cut keys are given for your reference. λ calculus is considered as the smallest universal programming language.

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