Intersection of Two Lines Calculator

A simple online Intersecting Lines Calculator to find the value of intersection points x and y using the given two expressions. Finding the intersection points using expressions would be useful in algebraic calculations. Finding intersection points can be used to draw venn diagrams and shapes. Use the below free online Intersection of Two Lines Calculator to find the intersection points (x,y) and the intersecting lines is shown in the graph.

Intersecting Lines Calculator

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Intersection of Two Line Points for the expression 5x+3y+2 = 0 and 6x+4y+3 = 0.


5x+3y+2 = 0 --> 1
6x+4y+3 = 0 --> 2
From (1) and (2)
= x : 0.4998 and y : -1.4997

Intersecting lines are those which intersect on a two-dimensional graph. They meet at only one point, with a set of x and y coordinates.

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