Circumcenter of Triangle Calculator

The center of a triangle's circumcircle is termed as the circumcenter. In other words, the point where the perpendicular bisectors of triangle meet is known as circumcenter. Calculate the circumcenter of a triangle from the known values of 3 sets of X,Y co-ordinates. The circumcenter of all types of triangle (scalene, isosceles and equilateral) can be calculated with this calculator. In the below circumcenter of triangle calculator enter X and Y co-ordinates for three sets and click calculate.

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To find the circumcenter of triangle, first you need to calculate the midpoint and slope of the lines. Find the slope of the perpendicular bisectors and then find the equation of the two lines with the slope and mid point. Next you need to find the intersection point by solving any two of the equations. The intersection point is the circumcenter.

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