Centroid of Rectangle Calculator

Centroid of rectangle is defined as the center point where all the diagonals intersect each other. The diagonals of the rectangle intersect at width b/2 from x - axis and at height h/2 from y - axis. It can also be termed as the geometric center. Centroid can be located in the shape or figure using various methods like plumb line method, balancing methodn etc., Make use of this online centroid of rectangle calculator to find the centroid value of the rectangle shape with its length and width.

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Centroid on X-axis = Length / 2 Centroid on Y-axis = Width / 2


What is the centroid of a rectangle with length 10 cm and width 6 cm.


Centroid on X-axis = 10 / 2
= 5
Centroid on Y-axis = 6/2

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