Cartesian Plane Equation Calculator

Calculate the equation of a three-dimensional plane in space by entering the three coordinates of the plane, A(Ax,Ay,Az),B(Bx,By,Bz),C(Cx,Cy,Cz).

Cartesian Equation of the Plane Calculation

Enter the coordinates of Point A
, ,
Enter the coordinates of Point B
, ,
Enter the coordinates of Point C
, ,
Equation of the plane(given three points)
x+ , y+ , z+ , =0
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Equation of the plane is ax+by+cz+d=0
Where, a = (By-Ay)(Cz-Az)-(Cy-Ay)(Bz-Az)
b = (Bz-Az)(Cx-Ax)-(Cz-Az)(Bx-Ax)
c = (Bx-Ax)(Cy-Ay)-(Cx-Ax)(By-Ay)
d = -(aAx+bAy+cAz).

Cartesian plane equation calculation with the three coordinates is made easier here

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