Cable Sag Error (Catenary Curve Effect) Calculator

A displacement cable is best described by a catenary curve when the curve is subjected to a uniform force. The curve effect resembles a flexible chain suspended by its ends with gravity acted upon it. This simple online calculator calculates the cable sag measurement error and the length.

Catenary Curve Effect Calculation

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Formula Used:

q = w * g, a = n / q, h = a ( cosh ( l / ( 2* a )) - 1), s = 2 * a * sinh ( l / ( 2* a )) Where, q = cable weight per unit length, w = cable mass per unit length, g = force perpendicular to cable length, a = angle between x axis and cable sector, n = cable tension, l = straight line distance, h = cable sag, s = cable length.

Calculation of catenary curve effect in cable is made easier with this online tool.

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