Base Length of an Isosceles Triangle Calculator

Isosceles Triangle is one with two of its sides having equal length. The two equal sides are called as the legs and the third one is called as its base. The vertex point facing opposite to the base is called as apex. The altitude to the base of an isosceles triangle bisects the vertex angle and the base. This online Base length of an isosceles triangle calculator can be used to find the base length with known values of height and hypotenuse of the triangle.

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a=2 x √(b2-h2) Where, a = base length b = hypotenuse h = height


An isosceles triangle with hypotenuse 14cm and height 7cm, find the base length.


base length= 2 x √(b2-h2)
= 2 x √(142-72)
= 24.2487 cm

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