Adding Like Fractions Calculator

Here is the online analytical calculator to add Multiple Fractions with Same Denominators. Adding like fractions involves simple process of adding only the numerators and not the denominators. The denominator of resultant fractions remains the same. In the below Adding Like Fractions Calculator, enter the number of inputs say 2 rows, it calculates only for two fractions. Then enter values for each fraction and click calculate button to get the resultant values.

Add Multiple Fractions with Same Denominators


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Sum of Like Denominators = (a1 + b2 + a3 + ...) / b Where, a1, a2, a3, ... = Numerators b = b1, b2, b3, ... = Denominators


Add Multiple fractions with same denominators for the values a1 as 5, a2 as 6, b1 and b2 as 7.


Sum of Like denominators = (a1 + b2) / b
= (5 + 6) / 7
= 11 / 7
= 1.5714

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