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A linear equation refers to the equation of a line. The system of equation refers to the collection of two or more linear equation working together involving the same set of variables. Linear equation theory is the basic and fundamental part of the linear algebra. Use this system of equations calculator to solve linear equations with different variables. Enter the linear equation in the given field and the calculator tool will update you with the system of equations.

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Solve the given 2x2 linear equation 4x+2y=12; 2x+5y=10


Given that,
Equation 1 : 4x+2y=12
Equation 2 : 2x+5y=10
From Equation 1 ------> y=6-2x
Substitute y=6-2x in Equation 2
2x+5(6-2x) = 10
2x+30-10x = 10
30-8x = 10
8x = 20
x = 2.5
Now, Substitute x = 2.5 in Equation 1
4x2.5 + 2y = 12
10 + 2y = 12
2y= 2
y = 1

Hence Solved. Cross verify the answers with the system of equations calculator above.

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