Representation of a Set | Tabular Form Set Notation

In algebra mathematics, Roster method is used to define sets inside the brackets '()'. It is also called as tabular form. A set is any collection of objects. The items contained within a set are called elements, and the elements in a set do not repeat in any case. Capital letters are used for denoting sets, whereas small letters are used for denoting elements of the set in curly brackets '{}'. This representation of a set notation can be of any elements such as numbers, letters, and so on.

Roster Method

Roster method or Tabular Form is a method of designating a set, where elements are listed between braces and separated by commas.


Represent a set of odd numbers less than 10 using tabular form.

Solution :
According to the roster method, the set of odd number less than 10 would be represented in set notation as follows:

V = {1,3,5,7,9}

Here in the above set representation, the capital letter 'V' represents the set of Odd numbers. Here, numbers 1,3,5,7,9 are the elements. These are separated by commas and enclosed in curly brackets.

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