Improper Subset Calculator

Improper subsets is a subset which has all the elements of the given set. It means the set is completely equal to the main set. It is a subset which can be equal to the original set. For example, X is an improper subset of Set Y, when the numbers in the set Y has all elements that belong to numbers in the set X but not even a single element in Y belong to set X. Use the below online Improper Subset Calculator to calculate the equivalent result for the given set of data.

Improper Subsets of a Set Calculation

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Let us consider a set X as 2,5,7,9 and Y as 1,3,8,9,2,5,7. Find whether X is an improper subset of Set Y.


Given subset is not an improper subset because all elements in set Y does not belongs to set X.

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