Identify Quadrants Calculator

Online quadrants coordinate calculator to calculate on which place quadrant falls on the graph. In geometry graphing is done using two coordinate axes namely the x-axis and y-axis to identify the location of any point. The intersection of these 2 axes divides the plane into 4 quadrants namely first, second, third and fourth. These are denoted by Roman numerals: I (+,+), II (−,+), III (−,−), and IV (+,−). Enter X and Y value in this identify quadrants calculator to find the result.

Quadrants Coordinate Calculator

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For example, The coordinates are represented as (1,2) respectively. Here the first number 1 is the point on the x-axis and number 2 is the point on y-axis. This identify the second quadrant.

The basic geometry rule for finding the quadrant of the coordinate points are:

1) If both coordinates are positive, then the point lies in first quadrant.
2) If x is negative and y is positive, then the point lies in second quadrant.
3) If both coordinates are negative, then the point lies in third quadrant.
4) If is x is positive and y is negative, then the point lies in fourth quadrant.

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